Garvan Woodland Gardens

We attended the Blessing of the Blooms in Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens last Sunday. What a beautiful setting for a few hymns, a short message by Dr. Miles, and Lake Hamilton and the woods as a backdrop! Some visitors to the Gardens accidentally miss Anthony Chapel because it is located outside the normal Gardens walking trails – but it is only a few yards from the visitors center, and in my mind, it is a “Must See”. Its architecture is amazing, and with all the glass windows, you almost forget that you’re indoors while you’re in it.

The spring bulbs were just ready to open – this weekend and next will probably be a peak time to stay with us and visit the gardens for daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and camellias. We also walked to the new Children’s Adventure Garden – what a wonderful family attraction! This area has a walk-in cave with a waterfall, crawdad holes, climbing rocks,and a maze. As we were exiting the area via the boardwalk, we could see the kids faces as they realized they were getting close – and their eyes began to light up!

Dr. Miles really summed up the day in his message. He asked, are you focused on the “little picture” of day-to-day living; cleaning up the kids’ spilled milk; pulling weeds in the garden; getting to work on time – or are you focused on the “Big Picture”: being thankful for your kids; appreciating the sun and warm weather that has allowed the weeds AND the flowers to grow; grateful for your job – and do we stop to thank God for all the blessings He has given us, such as a walk through the Gardens to appreciate his creation? As you walk through life this week – don’t lose sight of the BIG picture!

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