2012 Hot Springs Rally September 6-8

The streets of Hot Springs will be rumbling with the Hot Springs Rally September 6-8, 2012.  Hot Springs has always been known as “biker friendly”, but the weekend of the rally you might say we’re “biker fanatics”!  Bikes of all kinds start rolling into town on Thursday and by the parade Friday night, bikes fill the streets and spectators line the sidewalks to see great motorcycles and amusingly costumed riders. 
Events for this year’s Rally include the famous parade through Historic Downtown Hot Springs, two poker runs, one of the largest motorcycle shows in Arkansas, bike and non-bike field events, and even “Biker Bingo”.  Friday night ends with “Mustang Sally ” in concert at 7:30 pm at the Hot Springs Convention Center.  Closing ceremonies start at 7pm on Saturday and “Foreigner” wraps up the party at 8:15pm.  Passes range from $25 to $50 depending on the events you attend, and can be purchased online or at the Rally.  If you don’t own a bike, don’t feel left out!  Spectators are welcome at all events – some of the fun is just walking down the bike-lined streets admiring all the different makes and models!
Whether you’re a biker or just like to look, this is one of the most exciting weekends to be in Hot Springs!  But if you’re not sure you can handle non-stop excitement, why not plan a little rest and relaxation into your weekend as well?  Spend your nights at Tiffany’s Bed and Breakfast; wake up to breakfast at Tiffany’s, enjoy your morning coffee on our front porch swing, and then ride through the foothills into Hot Springs for a day of fun.  We also offer covered parking for bikes and everything you need to keep them washed and ready to show off for the weekend. 

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