Recipe To Make Your Own Hummingbird Food

Believe it or not, it’s getting close to the time hummingbirds will start to think about flying south.  But before they do, they will want to store up energy for the long trip back to Mexico.  To attract hummingbirds to your feeders, it is not necessary to buy the expensive nectar from the stores.  You can simply make your own with sugar and water!  Here is the recipe we use for our feeders at Tiffany’s Bed and Breakfast:

Put 1 cup water into a glass pitcher and bring to a boil in the microwave.
Add and mix 1 cup sugar to the hot water until dissolved.
Add 3 cups cold water and mix again.


Unused syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.  Experts say do NOT add red food coloring.  Hummingbirds will find your feeder regardless of the syrup color or type of feeder.  The most important feature of a hummingbird feeder is fresh food!  Be prepared to change the nectar regularly.  We find that this is not an issue during fall migration – our feeders are emptied nearly daily!  Hang your feeders where you can easily view them.  Our guests love to sit on the front porch of our Hot Springs Arkansas bed and breakfast and watch these little guys zoom overhead!

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