Bald Eagles in Arkansas

eagleThe 37th annual Eagles Etc. will be held Jan. 29-31, 2016, at DeGray Lake State Park.  If you love bald eagles, birds of prey, nature, and conservation, this is your weekend to visit!  Our nation’s symbol is the star of this weekend, and guided lake tours will be held all weekend long, offering a chance to search for eagles, osprey, grebes, ducks, and other birds of prey.

The weekend begins with our favorite event, the live falconry hunt at 2pm.  A state park interpreter will take you on a short boat ride to a natural area where a hungry hawk will be released to hunt for its prey.  You and your fellow hunters will follow the hawk (sometimes across rough terrain) and help to flush the prey out of bushes, trees, and brush.  If successful, the hunt will end with the hawk enjoying a tasty meal!

Other Eagles Etc. events range from guided bird hikes, a conservation program, owl prowls, nighttime predators, raptor rehabilitation, and the Little Rock Zoo will have birds of prey and even penguins on display!  Eagle tours are $10 per adult, and most other events are free.  Reservations are recommended for the eagle tours, and we will be happy to call for you!

Most of the programs are held inside the DeGray Lake State Park Lodge, while the tours are outside or on the lake, so be sure to pack some warm clothing.  We are just 30 minutes from the lodge, which makes Tiffany’s Bed and Breakfast a convenient home base for the weekend.  Be sure to save some time for a visit to Hot Springs and historic Bathhouse Row on your weekend getaway as well!

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