Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in Hot Springs

hand holding an ice cream cone with 2 scoopsWant to cool off with a cold, sweet treat in Hot Springs?  While there is no “official” ice cream trail in Hot Springs, we think there ought to be, so here’s the scoop:

Our trail starts at Mamoo’s Paradice Cream at 236 Central Ave.  They offer the “only homemade ice cream in downtown Hot Springs,” made with “massive amounts of rich heavy cream, a smidgen of buttermilk and a lot of real ingredients.”  In other words, this is probably not the place to go while dieting!  They also have an upscale air conditioned seating area next door.

Just a few doors down at 264 Central is Kilwin’s Chocolates.  They serve over 40 flavors of original recipe ice cream.  Don’t forget to try a caramel apple or some hand-crafted chocolates while you’re there!

Will’s Cinnamon Shop at 1001 Central Ave. is the next stop on our trail.  Yes, we brag about their best-ever-cinnamon rolls all the time, but did you know they serve Loblolly Creamery ice cream as well?  Will’s cinnamon swirl ice cream and a cinnamon roll with lemon icing – is there anything better?

By now, you’re probably ready for lunch, so take a short detour off Central Ave. to the Purple Cow at 1490 Higdon Ferry.  It’s an old-fashioned diner and soda fountain.  Try a gourmet burger and their famous hand dipped purple vanilla shake!

Next on the trail is Dolce Gelato at 222 Cornerstone Blvd. (just off Central Ave.) for some Italian style ice cream.  I’ve had gelato in lots of places, and in my opinion, this is the best!  Their amaretto flavor is my all-time favorite, but you can also get gelato crepes, and even gelato tacos!!  If you didn’t grab lunch at the last stop, you can also get soup and sandwiches (or savory crepes) here as well.

Last on the list is Scoops at 4043B Central Ave.  They serve 24 flavors of old family recipes, and even have picnic tables for seating!  And, if you come in wearing a cow suit, they’ll give you a FREE ice cream cone!!

If you’ve hit all these stops, you’re probably ready to head back to the most charming small town bed and breakfast in Arkansas for a good night’s sleep.  Tuck yourself into your fabulous bed for some sweet dreams, and we’ll see you in the morning for breakfast at Tiffany’s!

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