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a woman holding 2 white bass while standing on a boat on a lake with trees in the background

5 Things to Know About Fishing in Hot Springs

Getting outdoors and enjoying an activity with family or friends has dramatically increased the number of new anglers in the U.S. Many of us are looking for a stress-free activity to help us relax and unwind. With 4 lakes in our immediate area, Tiffa… Read more
Blue sky with a bald eagle taking off from his handler

Where can you see eagles in the Hot Springs Area?

Arkansas is known to be a winter home for bald eagles. If you enjoy watching these regal birds, DeGray Lake Resort State Park is one of your best viewing spots. Are you ready for an extraordinary weekend filled with bald eagles, live falconry hunts, … Read more

Where to Fish in Hot Springs, AR

With 4 lakes in our immediate area, Hot Springs, AR, is a great place to fish. From May through July, you might even get PAID to fish on two of the lakes! The annual Hot Springs Fishing Challenge is about to begin, and they will give away over $100,0… Read more